4952864938_28c60ba4ca_oHabitat Metro, LLC is a real estate development firm focused on infill development involving multifamily and hospitality components. It’s two founding principals, Wm. Timothy Sprague and John Hill, have been actively involved in real estate development together in the Phoenix market for over thirty years.

With a focus on responsible development, Habitat Metro measures success from a double bottom line perspective: successful financial results and the creation of social capital within the adjacent neighborhood and community. The firm’s principals are responsible for the successful development of over two thousand residential apartments and condominiums throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and Portland, Oregon. Additionally, their entrepreneurial development has included land development, commercial office and retail projects.


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The firm’s mantra has always been to be different – avoiding the large part of the bell curve and finding niches enabling the avoidance of head to head competition. This strategy has spawned successful real estate developments from high-end for sale multifamily to affordable rental housing for artists to arts and culture focused boutique hospitality.

This philosophy has naturally led the firm to reveal and satisfy unmet demand within infill contexts ranging from new build to adaptive reuse projects celebrating the creative energy of urban density.