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Downtown Phoenix as Catalyst to Urban Living

“There’s a palpable feeling in downtown Phoenix these days that something’s different. Now that the economy is improving and more people are turning toward an urban lifestyle, “You’re seeing it!” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. As Tim Sprague puts it, “Phoenix has grown up.” The developer with Habitat Metro, LLC is building a massive condominium project at the corner of Roosevelt St. and Central Ave. called Portland on the Park. He says, we’re right in the middle of the city’s maturation process now – and developers like him are getting to shape its future.”

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Posted in Downtown Phoenix / November 26th, 2015

Oasis Spurs Downtown “Renaissance”

Adaptive Reuse continues to revitalized downtown.

“This project is jump-starting a neighborhood renaissance that will benefit the local community as well as Downtown Phoenix for years to come. Providing 60 units of housing for families earning modest incomes could bring people to this neighborhood who have never been here before,” said District 7 Councilman Michael Nowakowski in a press release issued by the City of Phoenix.

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Posted in Adaptive Reuse, Downtown Phoenix / October 18th, 2011

Oasis on Grand Rejuvenates Downtown

One of many benefits of the Oasis on Grand project is the effect it has had on local crime:

Overall, crime within roughly a half-mile radius of the site has dropped 91 percent in three years, from 726 crimes in 2007, to 63 crimes in 2010, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

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Posted in Adaptive Reuse, Downtown Phoenix / October 6th, 2011

Oasis on Grand offers, “Instant galleries” to Artists

Excitement grows as Oasis on Grand begins to become a reality.

“What we envision is that the artists on the bottom floor can turn their living rooms into personal studio-galleries,” he says. “I love the idea of seeing a bunch of new galleries opening along Roosevelt open every First Friday.”

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Posted in Adaptive Reuse, Downtown Phoenix / April 16th, 2011